Sharifah Hardie Guest on Outraged with Mike Netter & Friends 790 KABC & Dr. Rosie’s Live Internet Talk Show

Outraged with Mike Netter & Friends 790 KABC & Dr. Rosie’s Live Internet Talk Show Welcome Sharifah Hardie as guest.

I am honored to be a guest of such accomplished, notable and respected hosts.”

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 / — In an inspiring move towards rebuilding California, renowned change-maker, and advocate for the underserved, Sharifah Hardie announces her appearance on “Outraged with Mike Netter & Friends Radio Show” airing on 790 KABC and her appearance on Dr. Rosie’s Live Internet Talk Show airing on

As Hardie launches her campaign for State Senate District 33 in the 2024 Primary Election, she has selected these respected platforms to discuss her vision for California, as well as her views on business, the economy, race, and equality in today’s environment.

Outraged, with Mike Netter & Friends – November 17th, 2023 Live at 7 PM

Are listeners tired of the crime, homelessness, taxes, price of food and gas and what is happening to California? Mike Netter is! As Co-Chair of Rebuild California, a Statewide movement fighting to bring Sanity and Political balance to California, helping to lead the charge to VOTE THEM OUT OR SHOUT THEM OUT. LET’S SHOUT TOGETHER ON FRIDAY NIGHTS 7-9PM!

Dr. Rosie’s live Internet Talk Show – November 21st, 2023 Live at 10 AM

Tune in at or Call-in 310-928-7733. Co-hosts, Keith Swanson and Shawannah Bordenave. Check out Dr. Rosie’s previous talk shows on YouTube at and Articles on her website at


Learn strategies for thriving in the business world versus merely surviving. Learn why Entrepreneurship is the basis for economic empowerment for Black America. “It’s what you don’t know that keeps you in struggle mode,” Dr. Rosie Milligan

As a guest Sharifah Hardie shares her journey not just of political ambition, but a story of unwavering commitment to community upliftment. Her nearly three-decade-long career has been a testament to her dedication to being the change she wishes to see. From transforming businesses to championing diversity, Hardie’s approach is both unique and impactful.

Her role in the Punch TV Studios IPO, not just as a leader but as a visionary, helped raise millions and brought significant exposure to the initiative. As a business consultant, she didn’t just launch companies like and Jordans Rooter and Plumbing; she infused them with a spirit of innovation and community focus.

Hardie’s candidacy is distinguished by her deep understanding of the challenges facing the working poor and her commitment to addressing homelessness with transparency and accountability. Following a recent $2 million allocation by the City of Long Beach to combat homelessness, Hardie’s call for immediate action has resonated with many. “We need real solutions, not just promises. It’s time for action,” Hardie states emphatically.

The public is encouraged to engage with Sharifah Hardie’s campaign and learn more about her visionary approach to addressing the critical issues in District 33. For more information and to get involved, visit:

Tune in to Outraged, with Mike Netter & Friends on November 17th at 7 PM & Dr. Rosie’s Live Internet Talk Show on November 21st at 10 AM to learn more!

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