Four Political Mavericks Shaking Up the Race for California’s Future

In the world of politics, it can often feel like the same old names and faces are constantly vying for positions of power. But in the upcoming race for California’s future, there are four individuals who are truly standing out from the crowd. John Briscoe, John Cruikshank, Sharifah Hardie, and Keith Cascio are all committed to shaking things up, standing for the truth, and making waves in the world of politics. And they are the ones to watch and vote for March 5th in the upcoming election.

John Briscoe, U.S. congressional candidate for California’s 42nd district.

The Honorable John Briscoe, is an elected and reelected Trustee to the Ocean View School District, a seat he first won in 2006. Mr. Briscoe is well educated with two advanced degrees. He has earned his M.B.A. from Claremont Graduate University, Peter Drucker School of Business, and his M.P.A. from CSULB California State University at Long Beach, School of Public Policy. He also possesses two undergraduate BA degrees in Psychology and Speech Communication and was awarded his Certificate of Honors at graduation from CSULB.

John Cruikshank, candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor 4th district.

The Honorable John Cruikshank who currently is the Mayor in Rancho Palos Verdes and a candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the Fourth District which is the southeastern portion of LA County including 32 Incorporated cities and 13 unincorporated areas. As a business owner and civil engineer, he will be an effective Supervisor helping the County solve the real, pressing issues that affect all residents. His Core Four focus areas are Economic Empowerment, Homelessness, Infrastructure, and Public Safety.

Sharifah Hardie, state Senate candidate 33rd district.

Republican CA SD33 Candidate Sharifah Hardie is 47 years old. She was born in Washington D.C. and raised in south-central Los Angeles. She now calls Long Beach, California home. Hardie’s focus is to Eradicate Homelessness & Create Jobs, Lower Taxes & High Inflation, and Fight Corruption. Ms. Hardie is a business consultant, author, talk show host, influencer, and mother. She started working for her family’s business doing customer service and dispatching at 11 years old. She built her first website in 1994, ran for Long Beach City Council District 6 Election 2020, and is passionate about business.

Keith Cascio, California’s 55th Assembly District.

Keith Cascio is chair of the Republican Committee for the 55th District. He is the Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Republican Party. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but has lived in Los Angeles, for 21 years. Keith is a software developer who works for a major tech company in Silicon Beach.

These four individuals may come from different backgrounds and have different priorities, but they all share a common goal: to make a positive impact on the future of California. They are passionate and dedicated individuals who have stepped up to make a difference in their communities. Candidates who are committed to being honest, transparent, and accountable to the people they serve.

The future of California depends on the choices we make in the upcoming election. Your vote matters, and it is crucial to vote wisely. These four individuals are the ones to watch and vote for, as they are truly committed to making a difference and bringing positive change to the state. So, as you head to the polls, remember to consider John Briscoe, John Cruikshank, Sharifah Hardie, and Keith Cascio as four candidates who will truly shake things up and lead California towards a brighter future.

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