Long Beach, CA Hiring Process Amendments Supported by CA State Senate District 33 Candidate Sharifah Hardie

Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson proposed a charter amendment during the Long Beach State of the Union that would fundamentally change how the city hires employees. In order to move the amendment forward, Long Beach City Council could vote to put it on the November ballot.

“It’s not my decision, it’s not your decision, it’s the voters’ decision,” Richardson told the commision.

The amendment, which has been met with both support and opposition, has gained the attention of State Senate District 33 candidate Sharifah Hardie, who agrees with the proposed changes.

Hardie, who has been laid off eight times in her career, understands the struggles of finding employment and can relate. She believes the proposed charter amendment would address this issue and make it easier for individuals like herself to find gainful employment. If elected, Hardie has pledged to support the amendment and advocate for its implementation.

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