Erin Friday, Esq. and Sharifah Hardie Discuss Gender Ideology Live January 22nd Prior to 2024 Primary Election

Erin Friday, Esq. and Sharifah Hardie Discuss Gender Idealogy Live January 22nd Prior to 2024 Primary Election

Gender Ideology is the topic of discussion on the next episode of Ask Sharifah Videocast with Host Sharifah Hardie & Guest Erin Friday, Esq.

I am honored to have the opportunity to sit down and speak with Erin Friday, Esq. regarding gender idealogy. It’s a topic that is dividing our country. We need to learn all we can about it” says Sharifah Hardie.

On Monday, January 22nd at 8 AM PT, renowned attorney Erin Friday, Esq. will sit down with business consultant, talk show host & California State Senate District 33 Candidate Sharifah Hardie for a thought-provoking discussion on gender ideology. The interview, which will be streamed live on various social media platforms, is expected to shed light on the current state of gender roles and expectations in society.

As a highly respected legal professional, Erin Friday, Esq. has dedicated her career to advocating for gender equality and women’s rights. With her extensive experience in the field, she has become a leading voice in the fight against gender discrimination and bias. In this interview, she will share her insights on the impact of traditional gender roles on individuals and society as a whole, as well as her own personal story.

Sharifah Hardie, a successful business consultant and host of the popular talk show “Ask Sharifah,” is known for her thought-provoking interviews and discussions on various social and cultural issues. With her platform, she aims to promote open and honest conversations on topics that are often considered taboo. In this upcoming interview, she will engage in a candid conversation with Erin Friday, Esq. to explore the complexities of gender ideology and its effects on our daily lives.

The interview is expected to be a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion. Viewers can tune in to the live stream on Monday, January 22nd at 8 AM PT on Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of gender ideology. For more information on Erin Friday, Esq. and Sharifah Hardie, please visit their respective websites.

About Erin Friday, Esq.

Erin Friday, Esq. is a licensed California attorney. Erin is a life-long Democrat whose daughter used to believe that she was a boy. She co-leads the Western Region of, an international group of parents and allies who are fighting to protect children and vulnerable adults against gender ideology. She is also on the executive committee for, a bi-partisan group that is proposing a California Ballot Initiative to stop gender interventions on children, remove males from female spaces and sports, and bar schools from secretively socially transitioning children.

She has authored articles in the Wall Street Journal, Daily Signal, the Ohio Press, the Epoch Times, Our Duty Substack, Post Millennial and for Parents of Inconvenient Truths about Trans. She is in several documentaries including the Daily Caller’s Groomed and the Epoch Times, Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities. She has been on Fox News and Fox and Friends to discuss California bills.

Erin is frequently found in Sacramento fighting bills that erode parental rights and force parents to subject their children to gender interventions, and proposing bills that return parental rights. She is behind many of the parental notification policies being adopted at schools to stop the secret social transitions of students.

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About Sharifah Hardie

Sharifah Hardie is a business consultant, talk show host and serial entrepreneur. Hardie is Editor-In-Chief at Long Beach Black News and Co-Founder of the Black Business CoOp. Hardie is a candidate for California State Senate District 33 in the 2024 general election.

Learn more about Sharifah Hardie at: and

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