CA State Senate District 33 Candidate Sharifah Hardie Endorses Dr. Suely Saro for Long Beach City Council District 6

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2024 / Sharifah Hardie, candidate for California State Senate District 33, has endorsed Dr. Suely Saro for Long Beach City Council District 6. Hardie, a prominent community leader and businesswoman, believes Dr. Saro embodies the qualities needed to effectively serve the diverse residents of Long Beach.

Hardie is the president and co-founder of the Black Business CoOp. She initially ran against Dr. Suely Saro in the 2020 District 6th City Council Election.

At the time, Hardie was not impressed. She felt Dr. Saro was not the right person for the job. She felt the district needed someone focused on making Long Beach a more diverse and multi-cultural city.

“Dr. Saro encompasses what it means to learn, grow and evolve from actually being in office,” says Hardie. “Dr. Saro has made a concerted effort to work together to make Long Beach District 6 into a world class city. I believe Dr. Saro has a passion for helping others and her commitment to equity makes her the ideal candidate for Long Beach City Council District 6.”

Hardie and Dr. Saro have a shared goal of improving the lives of all residents in Long Beach. “I have seen firsthand how Dr. Saro prioritizes the needs of the community over any single ethnicity,” says Hardie. “Her approach to leadership is exactly what we need in our city.”

Dr. Suely Saro, a community organizer and educator, is running for Long Beach City Council District 6 with a focus on affordable housing, economic development, and public safety. Her endorsement from Sharifah Hardie, a respected figure in the community, further solidifies her position as a strong and capable candidate for the upcoming election.

Residents of Long Beach can look forward to a brighter future with Dr. Saro as their representative on the City Council for District 6. For more information on Dr. Suely Saro and her campaign, please visit her website at

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